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As a healer I cannot save you: I can only send the Creator’s
energy where you need it.

It is up to you and the Creator, you have to do your half of
the work and the Creator will do his half, Do your fire ceremony.

~ Russell FourEagles


I remember being like 11 years old and at Gram’s house. I had just recently heard about boarding schools in my class. We were sitting at the little blond oak table by Gram’s window of her little kitchen.

“Gram do you know about the Indian boarding schools where the government used to steal the kids?”

“Of course I do, why do you ask?”

“Well I was just learning about them in school. So was it true that they would just take kids away from their parents and not let them see them?”

“Yes it is true, they would take kids away and when they got back they were different people.”

“How was that?”

“They would have the Indian beat right out of them.”

“That sounds awful”

“It was.”

“Gram did you go to boarding school?”

“No, I didn’t because your great grandfather was a very smart man. He saw what was going on with our cousins, so he figured out that when his kids were born if he gave the doctor enough money he would put us down as white because of my blue eyes. He paid the doctor $15.00 to put that on my birth certificate. They tried to snatch me up but I proved to them that my birth certificate said I was white. Therefore, I didn’t get taken away and I was able to study medicine with my Gram and that’s why I am able to teach you”. She was smiling.

“I sure am glad grandfather was so smart!”

“He had the smarts to see what was happening in those days, it was like he could see the future while he was watching what was happening with the children in Oneida, and he didn’t want to lose us kids.”

“I sure am glad they didn’t steal you Gram.”

“I am so grateful that dad did what he did. Also I lost some cousins at boarding school. There are cemeteries by every boarding school the government had” Gram said.

“You mean kids died?” I asked.

“Lots of children didn’t make it. They didn’t really care about us, all they cared about was making red people white. It’s a sad fact that the government wants to keep all the tribes at odds with each other. Divide and conquer, and for the most part we fell for it, because we have always been independent people. It was easy for us to think we are the first nation as most tribal names mean some reference to the original people or the first people.”

“But there are so many languages and they all mean the same thing?”

“Yes more or less.”

“Well thanks Gram, I can’t wait to tell the kids in school what I learned this weekend.”