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Russell was born in the little town of Trego, Wisconsin in the middle of the 20th century. He has lived in Wisconsin most of his life, except for his time serving his country and being in the Viet Nam war in the U.S. Army infantry.

He started learning Original medicine work from his Oneida Grandmother in 1955, and studied medicine herbs with his Grandmother for thirty one years. His Gram started him healing on animals when he was Eight years old and that continued till he was sixteen, when he started working with people.

His Great Grandfather was living in the wilds of Canada by the confluence of the Rainey and Little Canoe Rivers when he was captured and taken into custody by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They took him to the reservation near Fort Frances called Couchiching reserve where he escaped across the Rainey River into Minnesota and migrated down to Oconto Wisconsin across the street from the Oneida Reserve.

The Medicine that his Grandmother taught him has been passed down unbroken since time immemorial as none of his ancestor where ever forced into boarding school. His Gram studied with her Gram and on and on back an incredible two hundred and two generations and it was all passed to Russell.

Russell is a Medicine Man, covering the whole gamut of Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual healing. He has done healing all over the U.S. Canada, Mexico, Central and South America as well as some European countries, People have come to Russell and our healing center from every continent and most countries.